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As a small private school, we have the flexibility to change course quickly and adapt to new situations. Therefore, we were ready to convert to a virtual platform immediately upon learning of the stay-at-home order. Teachers quickly assessed student household access to Wi-Fi and devices to ensure an equal opportunity for online learning across the school population. Every 4th – 8th Grade SAS student had a school-provided Chromebook and experience using Google Classroom with their teachers. Additional devices were assigned to families who needed them. We added in the IXL curriculum, to be used in tandem with iReady, Class Dojo, and Google Classroom. Additionally, our teachers were available for virtual parent meetings and tutoring so that no one would fall behind and could ensure a smooth transition back to in-person instruction.


Now that we are back for the new school year, we made certain that EVERY St. Ann student has their own school-assigned device.  We do have students learning face-to-face in the classroom and others who opted to remain at home for e-learning during the first trimester.  E-learning opportunities are available at every grade level, and some classes also have room for additional in-person students.  Call for availability:  708.895.1661.


Although we can’t offer in-person tours while school is in session, we would still like to meet you and your students and answer all your questions! Our Admissions Office is open for business and can provide you with all the information you need about St. Ann School.

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Meet Principal Gonzalez and Teachers Virtually on Google Meet

We’d love to meet you face-to-face via Google!  We can send you a link to join in.  Just as if you were attending an in-person Open House, we want to provide you and your children the opportunity to have a chat with our principal and the teachers in your student’s grades. To set up a personal meeting, please email

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Schedule a Phone Call with Our Admissions & Enrollment Coordinator

We are here to help! Families are encouraged to schedule a one-on-one phone meeting with our admissions staff to learn more about St. Ann School. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding financial aid opportunities, curriculum, our small class sizes, student and staff diversity, spiritual development, you name it! Please email to schedule a phone call.

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Connect with Us on Our Social Media Pages

Our social media pages are a great way to see what’s happening at St. Ann School–even during our virtual instruction days! Have a glimpse into our days and see what adventures our students and faculty are up to, in school and at home.  We update Facebook daily!

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