All School

Our annual back to school party takes place on a Friday in early September.  There are games, music, dancing, raffle baskets, food (franks, of course!) and drinks.

Several of these occur over the course of the year at the Lynwood Sports Center.  Everyone is encouraged to come, from the tiniest skaters to the most experienced!

Traditionally, our 7th and 8th Graders are invited to attend three dances each year:  a Halloween costumed dance, a spring semi-formal, and the 8th Grade theme dance.  These are organized by Student Council and take place down in the school hall.

On the Saturday closest to Halloween, we hold a Pancake Breakfast and Bake Sale in the T.F. South High School Cafeteria.  The Lansing Copper Muggers sponsor us and do the cooking; we dress up and have fun!  Proceeds go toward school field trip expenses.

The last day of school before Christmas break, everyone comes to school in their comfiest jammies, and we enjoy milk and cookies and a holiday story.

The Kindergarten class dresses as shepherds and angels for the 4:00 p.m. Christmas Eve Mass and performs a song or two.

The last week of January is Catholic Schools Week.  We begin with an all school Mass and open house on Sunday, and every day of the week that follows is packed with fun.  We have done theme days, hosted book fairs, had special guests, participated in service projects—the list goes on and on, and it’s different every year!

In February, we transform the school hall into a twinkling, festive wonderland for our girls and their special dates:  dads, grandpas, older brothers, and other father figures.  They have a nice dinner and dance the night away.

Traditionally, we hold some type of grown up party in March.  Over the years, our Pot of Gold Party evolved into The Ball in the Hall, and finally become A Night at the Palace, a 21-and over dinner dance that raises funds for school expenses through a live auction and spectacular raffles.

Every Holy Week, we travel to the Shrine of Christ’s Passion in St. John, IN to walk the path that Jesus traveled in the Stations of the Cross.

Holy Saturday, we gather in the chapel to bless our Easter baskets.  Some people even bring the food they will serve!  Then we head outside for an Easter Egg Hunt put on by our GraFFiti Youth Group.

For the past several years, we have had a bowling and pizza party at Lan Oak Lanes, with boys of all ages and their moms, aunts, grandmothers, and mother figures.

K-7th Grade walks to a local park near the end of the school year for a day of fun in the sun.  PreK has its own smaller park day.

8th Grade

Early in the school year, our 8th Graders travel to Irons Oaks Environmental Learning Center for a day of team building exercises surrounded by the beauty of nature.  This is one of many days in their last year of elementary school designed to help them learn and grow together as they proceed toward the sacrament of Confirmation and, ultimately, graduation.

Room parents provide hot chocolate and treats for the class on a day in December.

This one is a secret revealed only when it happens!

The 8th Graders receive their school ribbons at a special ceremony during weekly school Mass in early May.

The Wednesday after First Communion, our 8th and 2nd graders participate in the May Crowning and Living Rosary.  The First Communicants have a second chance to dress up as they present flowers to the Blessed Mother, who is crowned by a court of 8th grade girls.  Then the soon-to-be-graduates, dressed in their green and gold gowns, form a living Rosary that stretches around the altar.

Students are tasked with creating a vessel that will protect an uncooked egg from breaking when dropped from a great height.  We couldn’t pull this one off without the help of the Lansing Fire Department and their giant crane!

8th Grade vs. 7th Grade kickball games take place in the parking lot over the course of two days.  Parents bring the water and the popsicles, and the rest of the children come out to cheer the athletes on.  8th Grade doesn’t always win!

Parents begin meeting at the beginning of the year to plan significant events for the 8th Grade class, and one of them is a day long trip at the end of the year, one last chance to spend time together and have fun as a class.

The other big rite of passage is a brunch thrown in their honor immediately after graduation rehearsal.  All of the faculty and staff are invited, as well as former teachers who had an impact upon the students.  The 7th graders are invited to come for dessert and to learn what each 8th Grader has passed down to them as their legacy.

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