2020-2021 Re-Enrollment

Re-enrollment for current families begins in December, with registration opening to new families beginning in February.  A fee of $150 per family must be submitted with the form (nothing else for next year is due until 2020-2021 registration, which takes place over the summer).  Spring incentives for current families who are re-enrolling are as follows:

  • The re-enrollment fee is discounted to $50 as long as it is paid by March 13.
  • As soon as a class achieves 75% re-enrollment, those students may wear jeans to school EVERY FRIDAY until the end of the year.
  • Once a class reaches 100% re-enrollment, they will celebrate with a pizza party.
  • Any class that enrolls at least five new students during the winter and/or spring trimesters will earn a gift card of their choice from our TRIP program for each current member of the class and their teacher.
2020-2021 Re-Enrollment Application

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