New Student Referral Program Incentive

Many of our families initially hear about St. Ann School through a personal referral from an existing school family.  We would like to reward you for promoting our school to your family and friends!  Through our New Student Referral Program, your family can receive a $500 tuition credit for every family you refer to the school who enrolls.  Refer two families who enroll and receive a $1,000 credit, three families and receive a $1,500 credit.  Here’s how it works:

  • The New Student Referral Program is open to all parents or legal guardians with Pre-K through 8th grade students enrolled at St. Ann School, and teachers and staff from St. Ann School.
  • Tuition credit awards will be given for referring new families to the school. To qualify for the incentive, referred students cannot have a sibling currently or previously enrolled at St. Ann School.
  • To qualify, the Referring Family must fill out the form and have the Prospective Family present it upon initial contact with the school.
  • All new students must meet standard enrollment criteria and be enrolled for the entire school year before credit is granted. Referring Families must also remain enrolled for the entire year; no cash incentives will be paid to school families.
  • Tuition credits will be applied to the last payment of the school year. Families who paid their tuition in full will receive the credit on the next year’s tuition, and teachers and staff making referrals will receive an incentive check equal to the amount of the tuition credit.
  • Interpretation of program parameters will be at the discretion of the Principal and Pastor. Please return completed form to the school office.
New Student Referral Form

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