Parking Lot Procedures

All children are to be dropped off and picked up at the Park Avenue entrance. All vehicles will enter the East Parking Lot through the North Entrance off of 181st Street. The vehicles will proceed to the Drop Off Area at the Southwest Corner of the lot. All students will exit the vehicles through the passenger side door and proceed to their assigned doorways. After unloading students, the driver will exit the lot using the Southeast exit onto Park Avenue.

All students are to be dropped off in the East Lot. Students are not to be dropped off on Chicago Avenue or Ridge Road. Keep safety in mind at all times. If grandparents, relative, or friends are responsible to drop off or pick up your child, please explain our safety program to them. Do not drop students off or pick them up on Ridge Road or across Chicago Avenue, nor in the handicapped lot or its entrance! Your cooperation is needed!

Parents entering the building at drop off and pick up times, must use the doors at the southwest corner of the building. The Park Avenue entrance is for children only.

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