Hot Lunch Program

St. Ann School offers daily lunch and milk service.  Orders are placed and paid for one month in advance, with students choosing from a menu that offers two meals and one salad choice each day.  Milk (white or chocolate) is included with the meals, or may be purchased separately on days when a lunch is not desired.

Our lunches are provided by FSP, the school food authority for the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Chicago.  All menus are planned by a team of food specialists with oversight by a staff dietitian, adhering to the requirements of the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs.  FSP uses USDA approved computer software to analyze their menus.  In accordance with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, menus are designed to meet and exceed prescribed calories, with less than 30% calories from fat and less than 10% calories from saturated fat.

Free & Reduced Price Meals

Children from families whose household size and income fall within the Federal Income Guidelines are eligible for free meals or reduced-price meals.  To apply, all you need to do is fill out a very simple form, which is sent home at the beginning of the school year.  Additional forms are available at the School Office.  Applications can be filled out at any time; if your household size or income changes during the year, you can always re-apply.  Information reported on the application will be kept confidential.  Federal Income Guidelines are the only acceptable criteria for approving benefits; St. Ann School is not allowed to make any exceptions.

For more information contact the School Office at (708) 895-1661

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