Volunteer Hours

A healthy spirit of volunteerism among our parents is necessary to the vitality and strength of St. Ann School.  When you give an hour of your time, you make the school a richer place for your children and their classmates, whether you are able to come in and help or offer your time off campus and outside of school hours.  As you volunteer, you also build relationships with the other parents, which helps create a vibrant, collaborative community, much like a family.

To ensure that the time is spread evenly among parents, each family pays a refundable $300 Volunteer Deposit at registration, which will be credited back on the last tuition statement as long as 15 hours of volunteer service have been recorded for the school year by March 31.  Hours accumulated after April 1 can be credited toward the next academic year’s volunteer commitment.  We do understand that many families have two working parents or little ones who require attention at home, which is why we have many opportunities for you to become involved both in and out of school.  St. Ann utilizes Signup.com to post volunteer needs, and the site also tracks the hours you have put in for you.

Calendar of Volunteer Opportunities

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