Fifth Grade: Mrs. Nicole Fosle

Where I went to college and degrees that I have earned:

I attended Lewis University, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in English. After graduation, I moved to Los Angelesand enrolled in a graduate program at Mount St. Mary University, where I received my Master of Science in Education. Currently, I am enrolled in the graduate program at Governors State University, where I will receive my Master of Arts in School Counseling in 2020.

Why I love teaching:

I love to teach because I love seeing students when they are learning and growing. I enjoy helping them excel and learn, and being that person who believes in them when they may not have believed in themselves.

What I love to do outside of school:

I am a huge Los Angeles Dodgers fan and love spending my summers watching baseball games on TV or when they are playing nearby. Though I don’t get to do it as often as I like, I enjoy traveling to new places, learning about different cultures, and trying new foods. I also enjoy exercising and hikes in the wilderness. When I get the chance, I love catching up on some of my favorite TV shows including¬†Blue Bloods, Hawaii 5-0 and This is Us.

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