Tuition & Financial Assistance

Kindergarten through 8th Grade 2019-20 Academic Year Tuition Rates

Family Count Parishioner Non-Parishioner
1 Child $5,475 $6,105
2 Children $8,985 $10,235
3 Children $12,875 $14,825
4 Children $18,385 $20,525

Total Cost to Educate One Child=$6,457**

Preschool 2019-20 Academic Year Tuition Rates

Program Parishioner Non-Parishioner
Full Day:  5 Days $5,475 $6,105
Half Day:  5 Days $3,285 $3,970

Annual Fees

Mandatory Fundraising Fee Per Family Pre-K-8th Grade $225
Refundable Volunteer Fee* Per Family Pre-K-8th Grade $300
Books and Technology Fee Per Student $325

Tuition may be divided into ten installments.

First month’s tuition and ALL fees are due on Fee Day.

*Will be credited on last tuition statement of the year IF 15 hours of service have been fulfilled.
**This is the amount it costs St. Ann School to educate one child.  This amount includes all operating expenses incurred in the normal day-to-day operations of the school including, but not limited to, personnel, occupancy, education materials, and building repairs/maintenance.

Financial Assistance

We do our best to keep our tuition and fees as low as possible, but understand that many families who value a Catholic education find it a challenge to pay the full cost.  As such, we do offer some financial assistance to those who qualify.  All applications need to be completed through the FACTS Tuition Management application form. All families are required to reapply each year for the Tuition Assistance Program. In order to be eligible for tuition assistance, families must be in good financial standing.

Additionally, this year the State of Illinois began offering Tax Credit Scholarships that could pay up to 100% of tuition and fees.  We ask that all families who have financial need and qualify please apply for these scholarships as well.  Complete information is available at the Archdiocese of Chicago website.

Tax Credit Scholarship Letter to Families
Tax Credit Scholarship Year Two Fact Sheet

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